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The Union Must Like The Free Beer Movement: Yards Adds Two Beers To PPL Park

(Photo courtesy of Yards Brewing Co.)
(Photo courtesy of Yards Brewing Co.)

Yards Brewing Company announced yesterday, over Twitter, that it would have two of its beers added to the concession stands at PPL Park. PPL Park already featured a line-up of beer that far surpasses that of its fellow Philly sports franchises.

Section 121 of the Philadelphia Union's stadium in Chester, PA, will feature Yards' Philly Pale Ale and Brawler beers in the section's concessions areas. The addition of Yards' beers means that PPL Park now features about at least half-a-dozen craft brews, along with the line up of AnheuserBusch-Inbev beers. Other craft, micro and macro beers include Boddingtons, Stella Artois and Victory Beer's Hop Devil and Prima Pils, amongst others.

Providing quality alcoholic beverages at games indirectly aids in one of the more popular "make non-fans into fans" movements in American soccer - The Free Beer Movement. A grassroots movement, FBM comes from the premise that giving a person willing to try with soccer a free beer, it will enable the possibility of converting said person into a new fan. For more on the movement, click the linked text here.