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#Quest4Quest: The Sons Of Ben Try To Get Questlove To A Game

Questlove of The Roots. (Photo courtesy of
Questlove of The Roots. (Photo courtesy of

As Sons of Ben member Jeremy Sharpe discusses in his newest post at 137 Zomieside, the Sons of Ben are attempting to persuade Questlove of The Roots to come to a Philadelphia Union game.

Summary of the situation: After seeing Questlove tweet, I jokingly sent a tweet out late one night about how it'd be nice to have Philly's own Questlove come out to a game and watch it with the Sons of Ben. When I awoke the next day there was already discussion about actually making it happen (people read my tweets?).

Questlove has since decided to respond to the tweets heading his way:

@TheRiverEnd believe you me i seen all 45 billion of the RTs.

@TheRiverEnd making no promises. (my timeline clearly shows the chaos) yall play in chester?

So there is at least a chance that he may show up to a game at some point this season, so long as his concerts, producing times and Jimmy Fallon show appearances don't conflict for the rest of the year.