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The Anderson Monarchs Documentary: Support The Cause

Since latching onto the Union, interacting with the Sons of Ben and covering the team through this blog, I've had the privilege of working with some of the finest on charities. With the 'Stache Bash turning out to be a rousing success, I've turned to trying out new charity movements.

One that I was recently alerted to, The Anderson Monarchs, was something that I thought was important to support. Here's some information on the team:

The Anderson Monarchs will be a feature length documentary about an all-girls soccer team competing, living, and thriving in an at-risk urban neighborhood in Philadelphia. The Anderson Monarchs play soccer with virtually no funding on a borrowed patch of field... And they win all the time against well heeled suburban opponents. Nominated in 2008 by Sports Illustrated as Sports Team of the year, they were also hailed as "the future of American soccer" in the London newspaper, The Guardian.

A documentary is being made on the team and the director needs to raise funds to continue to finish his project. The Monarchs are exactly the kind of success story that the world needs to hear about. It's something that every soccer fan, neigh sports fan, should ot only know about but also support.

To donate and help get the project finish, click here for all of the relevant information and donation center. The project needs another $8000 in just under three days.

After the jump, quotes from Union fans and Monarch donaters about why they support the cause.

@prowess64: Supported the Monarchs because if not for sports and art, we have nothing of true value as a society to build on.

@ventur514: Any use of the game that we love so much to improve lives, is a worthy cause. Fact that it is in our backyard makes it even more special.

Anonymous: How could I not? Growing up a female athlete in Philly, I want to know those girls, my daughter, & all girls get equal opportunities. This documentary is a beautiful and humble way of making others aware and increasing the likelihood of those opportunities.

@That_Smoke: Wanted to support girls' soccer in the city; these girls love to play and deserve the same opportunity other kids take for granted.