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Philadelphia Union at Los Angeles Galaxy: Three Questions With Ryan Rosenblatt

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Ryan Rosenblatt of SBN LA and SBN Soccer answered three of my questions about the Los Angeles Galaxy, prior to the team's match tomorrow against the Philadelphia Union.

SK: When the Galaxy beat the Seattle Sounders to start the 2011 MLS season, there were thoughts that LAG had cemented itself as a team to beat in MLS. Heading into game three, what's happened to the Galaxy that has dropped them in some people's minds?

RR: I have no idea what people were thinking that made them think the Galaxy were the favorites at any point. That line of thinking always dumbfounded me so I can't speak to what they were thinking. The Galaxy are good and better than most teams in the league. When you have Landon Donovan, Juan Pablo Angel, Omar Gonzalez, Sean Franklin and Donovan Ricketts, you're going to be good. That said, anyone who watched the Galaxy last year saw a team that could be beaten by elite teams and that's what happened rather often so I'm not sure what made the Galaxy the favorite in anyone's mind.

SK: David Beckham has had plenty of criticism so far into the season. His lack of defense versus Real Salt Lake aided in a goal for RSL off of a throw-in. What's wrong with Beckham this season?

RR: He's slow. That's about all there is to it. He's being closed down quickly and doesn't have the speed to make them pay for it. Without even the slightest threat of going by a defender, you have zero chance of getting an ounce of space and Beckham has none. Whether it's a result of age or being out of shape, we'll find out, but right now he just doesn't have the legs to cut it.

SK: Chad Barrett was supposed to have a breakout season while replacing the departed Edson Buddle. Currently he's done little but be another body on the field. Does he have any chance of being the first striker to break through the Union's clean sheet-filled defense?

RR: It's not possible for Chad Barrett to have a breakout season because you have to be good to have a breakout season. Barrett was never going to replace Edson Buddle because he's just not very good. The guy has been in MLS long enough to have proven that he's not very good and has played true to form in the season's opening games. Juan Pablo Angel is the man who is be asked to replace Buddle and with a few more matches that will allow him to get to fitness, he can do it. Barrett is being asked to be the second striker so Donovan can stay in the midfield and considering that last season the Galaxy used Mike Magee, Jovan Kirovski and Bryan Jordan as the second striker, Barrett can't be much worse. Barrett isn't the guy that the Union have to worry about, Angel is.