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Interviewed By Taylor Twellman On 6abc Pregame

During Saturday's Sons of Ben tailgate, 'Stache Bash happened and a lot of money was raised (I'll get into that in another post). As part of it all 6abc decided to come by and interview the Sons of Ben to give viewers a closer look at the supporter group.

I originally didn't want to head over, but Jeremy Sharpe (whose mustache spawned the 'Stache Bash) insisted I head over with him. I ended up getting chosen as one of two people to be interviewed, the other person being Matt Ansbro, the Sons of Ben Vice President.

After interviewing Taylor Twellman not so long ago, he interviewed me. We had two takes done and 6abc decided to go with the first one, in which Twellman refers to me by full name (Scott Kessler). In the second take he had started off the question about the legacy of the Sons of Ben with, "Scott, you run a great blog..." It's unfortunate that 6abc didn't think the second take was better.

A little more after the jump.

Hats off to the Sons of Ben who participated in the short bit. The whispered DOOP chants were hilarious and it took a lot of will power to not crack up during the entire thing. Below is Philly Union Talk's video from the taping itself.