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Have The Philadelphia Union Put Their Foot Down On DOOP?

(H/T to @UnionDues, who originally alerted me to the new issue today. UD's article can be found here)

On March 13, the Brotherly Game columnist Chris Savino wrote an article detailing the Philadelphia Union's attempts to trademark the term "DOOP." It appears that the team and its supporters group the Sons of Ben have butted heads over some of the team's directives on how it will use the trademark.

It's still speculation until either side speaks on the matter but it does seem as though the team has exercised some of its trademark rights already.

In an interview with Union Chief Revenue Office, and Executive Vice President, Dave Rown, Savino learned that the team would be using the rights from the trademark to protect its fans.

"Quality control makes sure it's done the right way... You want to protect the trademark. If you do not protect it, the [consumer] ends up with with knock-off products," Rowan told Savino.

But the team has seemingly gone past what the Sons of Ben thought would be the reach of the trademarking of DOOP. Bryan James, Sons of Ben President, tweeted the following today:

Suggests a non trademarked alternative #düp

@ChefJim27 I'm as married to the other spelling as anyone, but the usage of it is about to become uncomfortable and I am very disappointed

In response to the question of whether the team has officially trademarked DOOP:

@barbcvphilly definitely

Savino will follow up his original story in the coming days.