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[UPDATE] A 'Stache Bash Update: Raffles And Prizes Galore

From the fingers of Jersha:

We are a few days away from watching our Philadelphia Union's first kick in Houston, and a little over one week away from our home opener and first tailgate of the 2011 season. As our tailgate crew works diligently behind the scenes, our ‘Stache Bash crew has been working hard finalizing everything for the Bash. Our tee shirt is on the verge of raising over $2000 for Help Kick Hunger.

The Philadelphia Union has thrown their support behind our cause, and our friends at WYSP are working on a way to help the ‘Stache Bash. With all this in mind, we have (almost) finalized our raffle items for the ‘Stache Bash.

Here is a (partial) list of what will be raffled to Help Kick Hunger:

[Additionally, 'Stache Bash will feature a raffle for two tickets to the Flyers' first home playoff game.]

$1 per ticket, $20 for 25 tickets
Beneath The Skin Tattoo, Pottstown, PA- $60 gift card.
Barnabys- $50 gift card
Iron Hill Brewery,-$25 gift card
McFaddens, $25 gift card
AMC Theaters, 2 movies tickets plus $25 gift card
Currie Hair, Skin, Nails- Spa Package
Philadelphia Flyers- Villie Leino autographed puck
LiveBreatheFutbol- 2 LBF tee shirts
Beard Gift Set from Blue Beard Orginals (
MLS Rumors- 1 Philadelphia Union tee shirt
Jeff Webber- Custom etched ‘Stache Bash beverage glasses
Andrew Sherlock- a raffle to win a pair of Sherlock designed custom slip on shoes.
Super secret raffle items provided by Brad Youtz
Super secret raffle item provided by Eric Shertz
2 Flyers tickets- first playoff game of the 2011 season, suite level, standing room, plus
$25 gift card for McFaddens (private party donation)
Philadelphia Phillies, 2 tickets April 7 vs. The Mets (3:00pm) plus $25 gift card for

We also have 2 undisclosed raffle items that Brad Youtz and Eric Shertz are working on.

March 26th, The River End comes back to life! Soon, we will DOOP! Soon, we will ‘Stache Bash! weMUSTache!