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Join Brotherly Game MLS Fantasy Challenge League

Didn't have a chance to join the Brotherly Game's salary cap based ESPN fantasy league (you can find the article on that fantasy league by clicking the linked text here)? Here's your chance to join the Brotherly Game's MLS Fantasy Challenge League. 9 readers of the Brotherly Game will have a chance to compete against the Brotherly Game in a league. The winner of the league (or highest placing reader in the playoffs) will receive a prize for his or her finish. 

The league is broken into two divisions of five teams each, with four of the ten teams participating making it into the playoffs. Every game in the league is head-to-head, just like in MLS play.

League: Brotherly Game League

Password: brotherlygame

Please comment below to indicate that you're joining and what name you've joined under (team and user). Thank you. If you don't already have a SBN/tBG account, please refer to the how-to guide that is available by clicking the linked text here.