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Faryd Mondragon Preview On

Faryd Mondragon in game for Turkish club Galatasary. (Courtesy of
Faryd Mondragon in game for Turkish club Galatasary. (Courtesy of

Part of Soccer's preview for the 2011 MLS season are profiles and previews on incoming international players. Philadelphia Union goalkeeper Faryd Mondragon was one of those incoming internationals chosen to be previewed on SB Nation soccer.

Here's part of my preview on Mondragon for the site:

...earned Mondragon a spot on the 1992 Summer Olympics team, along with a position on the 1998 World Cup squad. In ‘98 in France, the then 27-year-old goalkeeper was given the chance to play against England in Colombia's last group stage match. Despite making some spectacular saves to keep Colombia in the hunt for the round of 16, Colombia fell to England 2-0 and finished with only three points from its three matches. German legend Franz Beckenbauer was quoted as saying that he felt that Mondragon was the best goalkeeper of the opening round of the World Cup.

Check it out, along with the rest of the previews on