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POLL: Unnamed Philadelphia Union Podcast Logo Contest

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This poll is for you, the reader, to vote on what you think is the best design for the logo of the Unnamed Philadelphia Union Podcast (Up & Up). The top two logo vote getters will move onto a final, head-to-head vote.

All the rules for the contest can be found by clicking here. Here were the specifications for the designs of the logos and banners:

Incorporate the Brotherly Game's logo and "Unnamed Philadelphia Union Podcast" (or "Up & Up") into a themed:

  • banner that fits across a 'narrow' setting post on tBG; exact dimensions to be based upon the picture used here.
  • logo, i.e. the Brotherly Game's blog logo at the top left of the site
  • After the jump, the options for the logo vote:

    By Eugene_R (@Eugene_R):


    By 30seven (@petzrawr):


    By BJLauderman:





    By SOBEryin138: