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POLL: Unnamed Philadelphia Union Podcast Logo Contest

This poll is for you, the reader, to vote on what you think is the best design for the logo of the Unnamed Philadelphia Union Podcast (Up & Up). The top two logo vote getters will move onto a final, head-to-head vote.

All the rules for the contest can be found by clicking here. Here were the specifications for the designs of the logos and banners:

Incorporate the Brotherly Game's logo and "Unnamed Philadelphia Union Podcast" (or "Up & Up") into a themed:

  • banner that fits across a 'narrow' setting post on tBG; exact dimensions to be based upon the picture used here.
  • logo, i.e. the Brotherly Game's blog logo at the top left of the site
  • After the jump, the options for the logo vote:

    By Eugene_R (@Eugene_R):


    By 30seven (@petzrawr):


    By BJLauderman:





    By SOBEryin138: