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Philadelphia Union Third Kit Released

The Philadelphia Union third kit. (Photo by MLS)
The Philadelphia Union third kit. (Photo by MLS)

[UPDATE] MLS has taken down most of the new jersey images. Only the Union's home kit and away long sleeved jersey are available for viewing, currently.

Major League Soccer released 2011 jerseys and kits today and above is the new alternative/third kit for the Philadelphia Union.

Plenty of speculation placed the Union's third kit as sky blue, in the vein of the light blue color that the Sons of Ben have adopted as its own. Instead the jersey takes a different route, even from the Union's home and away versions, and stays clean cut. Only the shoulders have any real change to the plain white nature of the jersey, which is a stark difference to the many proposed by Union fans.

The most surprising (or disappointing?) part of today's release of MLS kits is that sky blue is being used by Sporting KC, not the Union. 

So far the Twitter reaction to the jersey has seemed positive. Most Union fans are happy with the design and believe that the Bimbo sponsorship logo will mesh well with the design and colors.