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Philadelphia Union At Seattle Sounders - Projected Lineups, Statistics

These XI won't be the same XI. Who do you expect to see start?
These XI won't be the same XI. Who do you expect to see start?

Hey there Union fans. I normally do these at Sounder at Heart and offered to throw it up there for your use. You can hover over or click on many of the data points and learn even more. The lineups are the best guess of the SaH crew and Scott. Sorry about the time and station being for Seattle fans, but you should know when/where to watch. If there are any statistical or player number mistakes they are latent at If a gamethread doesn't show up feel free to use this. I'm not going to wish you luck today, but congrats on a strong season 2.

Sigi Schmid is going to have to find offense from different spots with Fredy Montero out due to his last Yellow. Mauro Rosales and Alvaro Fernandez both have injury issues that could see them with spot time, but it would be surprising if either start. Unlike the last injury wave (Herediano here) there are more healthy options in the midfield. We expect to see both Erik Friberg and Brad Evans on the pitch, though who is central and who is wide will depend on circumstances. Most of the offense will come from the left side with Lamar Neagle and Mike Fucito providing the punch. As to the other starter up front? That decision could go one of four ways. Our pick is Nate Jaqua, but any of Pat Noonan, Roger Levesque or even Sammy Ochoa could start. It seems likely that at least three of those see time today.

The Philadelphia Union have injury issues that Seattle hasn't seen. Both keepers are carrying knocks. The Brotherly Game expects Zac MacMath, but since Faryd Mondragon traveled there would be little surprise if he starts. The House of Farfan will start and there is an expected return of Danny Mwanga. The only dissappointment for Seattle fans is that they seem unlikely to see Freddy Adu for 60+ minutes.