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Editor's Note: The Brotherly Game And Yom Kippur

Dear readers,

Due to the Jewish High Holy day of Yom Kippur, I must inform you that the Brotherly Game will be without content or live updating like it normally operates. The staff of the Brotherly Game is predominately Jewish and will be at services, or with family and friends, for the most part of the day. On this Day of Atonement we reflect upon our lives and move forward in them.

After sundown, the Brotherly Game will go back to operating like it typically does, including Twitter and Facebook functions. There will be a gamethread as is tradition on the Brotherly Game, and every SB Nation individual team blog. The gamethread will most likely be the only content on the site tomorrow. For more on the Seattle Sounders-Philadelphia Union game, you can head to our friends at Sounder at Heart for previews on the match and other quality content.

We hope you enjoy your Saturdays, if you are Jewish or not. A Hag Samach to all of our Jewish readers.

-Scott Kessler

Managing Editor