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Chester's Route 291 Ramps Set To Open Today, Provide Easier I-95 PPL Park Access

The Delaware Times (Delco Times) is reporting that Chester is opening the Route 291 ramps into, and out of, the city today, at 1:30 pm. Philadelphia Union fan have been waiting since the team and PPL Park were established for the ramps to aid in moving traffic to and from I-95.

Complaints about the traffic situation out of Chester have been strong since the Union's first home game at PPL Park, and the expectation that the ramps would be open to help quell those complaints had not been met until now.

Fans were excited to learn that the ramps would be open at some point in August, but that was delayed until today, making only the Union's final home game against Toronto FC, on October 15, the only match that will utilize the improvements. The reasons behind the delay were additionally repairs and the bridge being refitted, PennDOT told the Delco Times.