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WVH Hooligan: SB Nation Mock 2011 MLS SuperDraft Went Well For The Brotherly Game, Philadelphia Union

Drew Epperly, of WVH Hooligan, was the general commentator for SB Nation's Mock 2011 SuperDraft and was nice enough to answer some questions I had for him concerning my part in the mock up. A big thanks to Dizzo, who profiled my two selections, Michael Tetteh (left back, USCB) and Levi Houapeu (forward/midfielder, UMCB),in a fanpost. 

Would Michael Tetteh have been more reasonable of a pick if I had been able to trade down to around 10, snag an extra pick or two, and select him there?

Drew Epperly: I think as long as Tetteh proves his stuff in the Combine this weekend, that pick at 5 isn't that much of a stretch. He's got plenty of upside and finding left backs in this league isn't always easy. But if the draft were right now I would say trading down to get him would be the best thing to do. Grabbing someone like Valentin or Sarkodie at 5 would have made more sense.

The rest of the questions and answers after the jump.

If you had the opportunity to draft for the Union and strikers were off the table for the pick, who would you have taken at fifth overall?

Drew Epperly: I would have gone defensive like you did. I'm a big believer in the old "defense wins championships" mentality and it does ring pretty true in MLS. Especially for a club like Philly who won't have all these extra CCL games this year. The better the D on a lighter schedule, usually the better the club is overall.

What do you think Levi Houapeau's upside/ceiling is?

Drew Epperly: Houapeau's upside is that he kid has an unbelievable work rate from what folks have told me and from what the little I've seen. Under someone like Nowak he'd have plenty of room to grow and wouldn't be expected to be "the man".

Is he too much of a raw prospect to make an impact in his first season with the Union?

Drew Epperly: Its hard to say if he wouldn't make any impact in a rookie season just yet. His speed alone is worth watching right now. I'd say a strong Combine will help prove his worth for sure.

How would you rate the selection of Tetteh and Houapeau for the Union (LB, FW/RW)?

Drew Epperly: Based on what Philly has grabbing a defender and a speedy winger works for me. Look at what Philly lost in the expansion draft alone and there is reason to pick a fast wing player. Again I'm a sucker for quality defense so I have no problem in improving that side of the ball here too.