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Thursday Afternoon Union Freekicks: Mock Draft Round Up and the Chicago Fire Fan Group Gives Back

Michael Tetteh, chosen in the fifth slot by the Union in SB Nation's Mock SuperDraft last night. <a href="">Photo credit</a>
Michael Tetteh, chosen in the fifth slot by the Union in SB Nation's Mock SuperDraft last night. Photo credit

Was that mock draft fun last night?  I sure think so...and we all had a lot of fun with it.  There were also some big surprises as well, but it wasn't shock for shock's sake, ya know what I mean?  Scott made some ballsy decisions for the Union, but they were players that fit a need.  I like where his head's at when it comes to the team.

We're going to open things up with how other sides chose in last night's SB Nation Mock Draft.  Join the discussion below.

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2011 MLS Mock Draft: What We Did & Why I'm Brilliant [86 Forever, Benjamin Massey] - They had the first pick in the draft (Darlington Nagbe, of course)...and later on chose Wayne Rooney's little brother.  Read why.

Giving Back to the Community: Section 8 Chicago [Hot Time in Old Town, Tweed Thornton] - A nice write-up on how the Chicago Fire's fan group is tirelessly giving back to the community.

Beckham Back to England: A USA Perspective [] - What the staff thinks of Becks.  You don't want to know what I think of him...or maybe you do?

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