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Philadelphia Soccer Media Community Chat: Thank You's And Links To Participating Groups And People

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the first ever live Philadelphia soccer media community live chat a success. We had over 200 readers of the chat and had a ton of comments. 

We had some requests for links to the sites and people who participated in the chat as panelists. Here's the list:

ASN Philly (was unavailable but had signed on): ASN Union

Chris VitoDelaware County Times (Delco Times) and the Brotherly Game

Dan WalshPhilly Soccer Page

Dave and CSN Philly

Greg OrlandiniKYW Philly Soccer Show (Podcast)

Jesse Silverman (was unavailable but had signed on):

Jonathan sports and The Goalkeeper


Kerith Gabriel (was unavailable but had signed on): Philadelphia Daily News

Philly Union Talk (Conor O'Grady): Philly Union Talk

Scott Kessler (that's me!): The Brotherly Game

Shane Evans (was unavailable but had signed on):

Union City BlueUnion City Blue