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Philadelphia Soccer Media Community Live Chat

Our panelists today will be discussing a couple of different topics involving the Philadelphia Union today. After we're done discussing each topic, the readers will be allowed to ask questions to the panelists of the chat today. We're hoping that you have questions to ask because the members of the chat are here to answer them.

Our chat participants are as follow: Dave Zeitlin ( and, Kerith Gabriel (Philadelphia Daily News), Chris Vito (Delaware County Times and the Brotherly Game), Jonathan Tannenwald (, Philly Soccer Page, the Brotherly Game (of course), Philly Soccer News, ASN Philly, Union City Blue, writers and Philly Union Talk. Though not participating directly, the 700 Level will be a part of the chat as well.

The Cover-It-Live browser is what you see above. That is where the chat will be held. A transcript will be put up on here within the hour after the chat is finished.