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Kerith Gabriel: "South American Press States Union Are After Defender Carlos Valdez" And Other Tweeted News

Kerith Gabriel, of the Philadelphia Daily News, reported today over Twitter that the Union are closing in on Colombian defender Carlos Valdez:

Reports in the South Anerican state the Union are after Colombian central defender Carlos Valdez on loan...if true...oh captain, my captain. 


Gabriel fixed his tweet saying, "excuse my earlier shoddy tweet...*South Anerican is shoudl actually be "South American Press"..." He followed it up by tweeting:

Valdez sounds like a good deal if true, but considering bated breath still awaits the signing of one Faryd Mondragon... 


More tweets in this story chain after the jump.

I chimed in with a tweet of my own:

@sprtswtr Are you telling me that MLS Rumors may be right about something? At least @brotherlygame jumped on it after other sources came in. 


Gabriel responded by saying that Philadelphia Union fans should probably be patient:

@scottdkessler it looks likely according to a source...but again so did Mondragon, and here we are weeks later after initial reports. 


He also stated that the Faryd Mondragon signing could be announced at any time... if it is going to happen:

@scottdkessler Dec. 31st was last day of contractual agreement w/ FC Koln..I know it's holiday, but he could be named as early as tomorrow. 


Jonathan Tannenwald chimed in, and Gabriel confirmed, that because Mondragon is now out of contract with FC Koln (as of December 31, 2010) the MLS transfer window means nothing:

@scottdkessler @sprtswtr If he's out of contract, the transfer window doesn't matter right? 


@thegoalkeeper @scottdkessler correct, see my previous tweet. 


@scottdkessler ties...think unrestricted free agent. 


That was today's Union tweet chain of the day. I'm hoping to start doing these whenever they're relevant.