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VIDEO: Toughest Person On The Pitch? Piotr Nowak

Take a gander at this knock on Philadelphia Union manager Piotr Nowak during the Chicago Fire's inaugural game (fast forward to about 1:03 to see the start of the play). A big thanks to @ebradlee10 for finding it.

In an era of soccer where some of the world's best players - Cristiano Ronaldo, Arjen Robben, Didier Drogba - are known as 'divers', Nowak's toughness is something to celebrate.

The incredible part of this incident is that Nowak didn't even stop for stitches. Though bleeding profusely from the elbow to his chin, the Polish midfielder gets up after only a little bit and only gets the cut cleaned and covered. A grin to the referee shows off that classic Nowak smile that Union fans are now accustomed to (when things go right).

Perhaps his toughness and style of play is why Nowak has brought in players like Danny Califf or Toni Stahl. In the very least it appears that the 46-year-old former 1860 Munich star would fit in nicely with the Broad Street Bullies.