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The Winners And Losers Of The Bimbo Bakeries - Philadelphia Union Sponsorship

As much as I'd like to say that this sponsorship deal is a complete win for everyone involved, I cannot. There are a couple of losers in this deal, though a majority of this article will focus on the positives of it.


Philadelphia Union - How can you be a loser when you bring in $3 million-a-year and create a huge media buzz for a young team?

Grupo Bimbo - Only 12, of 18 possible teams, MLS franchises had a jersey sponsor heading into today. Bimbo chose one of the country's largest markets and one of the most well attended soccer teams to brand itself with. Don't forget that the Union are one of the league's best sellers in terms of merchandise sales. Now that the company has acquired local businesses it has valuable local ties to the Philadelphia area that make it less of an international mystery and more of a home name.

CEO Nick Sakiewicz - Since taking over the roles that Tom Veit once held the CEO has signed the team's first home grown player, its first jersey sponsor and has increased (ever so slightly) communication with the media. Kudos.

Major League Soccer - The league comes out as a winner as a thirteenth team signs a jersey sponsorship deal.

Philadelphia-area Hispanic communityRecent moves, including this one, indicate that the Union know that you exist.

Opposing team supporters - Bimbo. It's too easy.

After the jump, the losers.


Whomever bet on Comcast (xfinity) and Panasonic or was hoping for either - If people sunk this low outside of friendly wagers originating from jokes, I don't know what to say. I guess you really can gamble on anything. For anyone wanting to see either company on the front of the jersey today's announcement wasn't your first choice. Bimbo isn't actually the most American-friendly name that the Union could have chose. 

Union merchandise sales - There are already cries on multiple sites, from Union fans, that the Bimbo jersey will not be bought by many people. While unfortunate, this situation was easily predicated from the outset. If sales of the team's jersey rapidly decline in number from last season's totals, then the Union should be criticized for poor judgement in the face of an incredibly important decision for the club.

Local Philadelphia Businesses That Are National/International - Sorry Comcast and a whole host of other possible businesses. You didn't win a bidding battle (that may or may not have happened) for the Union jersey sponsorship. The fans were rooting for you. A local business partnering with the Union was something that most fans were hoping for. Tastycake, Wawa, Yeungling and Comcast were all mentioned as part of forum, blog and twitter discussions.

Tastykake - Plenty of locals were clamoring backing in 2009 for Tastykake to take the sponsorship. Now Tastykake cannot afford to do much because its financial future is bleak. It's sad to see this great Philadelphia-area company in such a state.