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Game 10: Philadelphia Union 0 - Kansas City Wizards 2

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There really wasn't anything good about this game.  Defense was terrible.  Midfielders were terrible.  Forwards didn't create any real legitimate chances.

The game was lifeless in general and without rhythm.  Each team only had 2 shots on goal according to the stats; both Wizard goals went in.  The field was very small and narrow being played in a baseball outfield.  I don't know if that really threw the Union off that much but theres no excuse for playing that kind of game.

I thought we were over giving stupid fouls but this game brought us back to the earlier part of the season.  Orozco got two yellows for an ejection and will miss the next game.  That probably means Arietta will start next game (ugh).  Our defense needs so much help.

The only good thing to come out of Thursday was Seattle losing to 3-2 to DC United.  For some reason that made me happy.  We play them next at the PPL Park opening on June 27th.