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SBNhanced MLS Power Rankings

SBNation's soccer bloggers are casting their votes to rank the MLS every week. For background, what Sounder at Heart said:

Here at SBN we decided to do our power rankings a little different. First, we got this network thing going on so we could take advantage of that. So we have the MLS bloggers, Steve Davis and Richard Farley all participating at this point. We've also invited our brethren EPL blogs to join in if they feel they follow the league enough.

Secondly, I suggested that we just put the teams into tiers, or groupings, rather than direct ranking. Writers were just asked to group the clubs as "Cup Contenders," "Likely Playoff Clubs," "Teams on Outside Looking In," and "Should be Relegated." Which in reality is a team that will compete for the #3 draft pick next year. It was thought, that this would be quicker for all of us, but also what's the difference between the third and fourth club? or the seventh and eighth?

 This will sit on our sidebars, or within posts. Below is the first week's effort, and there was some serious debate on one club in particular - Kansas City. They were in the top 3 tiers, and their victim last week just got buried. Each team with an SBN blog will link you to that blog.

Team Total vote count First Tier votes Last week's rank
Tier 1 - Teams Contending For Cups
Columbus Crew 18 6 -
Real Salt Lake 18 6 -
Seattle Sounders 18 6 -
LA Galaxy 14 2 -
Tier 2 - Teams Likely in the Playoffs
Colorado Rapids 14 2 -
KC Wizards 13 2 -
Houston Dynamo 11 0 -
NY Red Bulls 10 0 -
Tier 3 - Teams On the Outside Looking In
FC Dallas 7 0 -
Chicago Fire 7 0 -
NE Revolution 6 0 -
Toronto FC 4 0 -
Tier 4 - Teams That Should Be Relegated
Chivas USA 3 0 -
DC United 1 0 -
Philadelphia Union 0 0 -
SJ Earthquakes 0 0 -


How did DC get that one vote?

What do you think?

Full disclosure: I watched the intense email thread but didn't cast my votes in time.  Talk this up in the comments and influence my ballot next week.