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Philadelphia Union Release Protection List, Shea Salinas Surprisingly Unprotected

From the Philadelphia Union's website: The complete listing of protected players, Generation adidas members and unprotected players is as follows:

Philadelphia Union's Protected Players:
1. Califf, Danny (DF)
2. Carroll, Brian (MF)
3. Gonzalez, Juan Diego (DF)
4. Harvey, Jordan (DF)
5. Le Toux, Sebastien (FW)
6. Mapp, Justin (MF)
7. Nakazawa, Kyle (MF)
8. Orozco Fiscal, Michael (DF)
9. Stahl, Toni (MF)
10. Torres, Roger (MF)
11. Williams, Sheanon (DF)

Generation adidas Players (exempt from selection):
1. McInerney, Jack (FW)
2. Mwanga, Danny (FW)
3. Okugo, Amobi (MF)

Unprotected Players:
1. Arrieta, Cristian (DF)
2. Coudet, Eduardo (MF)
3. Fred (MF)
4. Jacobson, Andrew (MF)
5. Knighton, Brad (GK)
6. Miglioranzi, Stefani (MF)
7. Moreno, Alejandro (FW)
8. Noone, J.T. (DF)
9. Salinas, Shea (MF)
10. Seitz, Chris (GK)
11. Zimmerman, Nick (FW)

The biggest surprise? Shea Salinas is not on the list. Salinas' non-inclusion is surprising because of his ability to change the pace of the game when utilized by coach Piotr Nowak as a second half substitution.

The Brotherly Game will have more on the lists later tonight with analysis of not only Salinas but the other non-protected players and the inclusions on the protected list.