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Los Angeles Galaxy Preview: Three Questions For Myself

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There's a truly unfortunate lack of quality Los Angeles Galaxy blogs out there in the cyberverse.  I wasn't able to find one to do even a "Three-for-three" question and answer session with.  Instead, for your pleasure, I'll be doing a Stephen Colbert-esque Q&A with myself.  Am I that insane or am I just that starved for original content?

Can the Union prevent themselves from losing to the Galaxy in the same fashion as earlier in the season?

A big fat yes.  In the shortest of answers: No.  Red.  Cards.  For the love of all that is holy, do not repeat what happened in the first match.  Stefan Miglioranzi: DO NOT RECEIVE ANOTHER RED CARD.  That's the big problem that the Union had early in the season and they haven't had to face that kind of problem in a while.

The Galaxy are on their way to the playoffs and look set to try to make it back to the MLS Finals.  What can the Union do to at least gain a point versus the Galaxy?

It will all depend about the line up that Piotr Nowak decides to put onto the field.  Nowak played a very youth based line up last week versus the Dynamo and now that the Union are officially eliminated from the playoffs it doesn't seem like a time to stop such a strategy.  Nowak seems intent on getting his younger players into games as often as possible in the closing games of the 2010 MLS season.  The main match up will be Sheanon Williams who is likely to be matched up against Landon Donovan.  If Williams can control Donovan or at least harass him enough to slightly stop him, then the Union will be successful in hampering 50% of the Galaxy's offense.

Will the Sons of Ben be on David Beckham's case the entire match?

From what I've seen on Twitter, it's an absolute yes.  There are chats that were already developed early this week specifically for Beckham.  Beckham, be prepared for 90 plus minutes of verbal torture.  If people were surprised at the Brian Ching chants, then they've got another thing coming in tonight's game.  I predict that hilarity ensues.  


1-1 draw.  Sebastien Le Toux and Landon Donovan will score for their respective teams as the Union slightly hamper the Galaxy's to retain first place in the Western Conference.