MacMath*, Harrison Out, Leaving Konopka As One Of A Few Questions Today


Chris Konopka appears to be today's Philadelphia Union starter at goalkeeper. What that means and other questions surrounding the Union in their game against Toronto FC.

Adu Once Again Finds International Form, Can He Translate It Into Success With The Union?


Adu's impact on the Union this season may rest solely upon his ability to either expand his no. 7 role, move forward to a false no. 9 or move back into what has long been believed to be his natural...

The Brotherly Game's Projected 2012 Philadelphia Union Salary Cap


The Philadelphia Union have had plenty of cap room to work with in their first two seasons, but this year is significantly different. Based upon projections by the Brotherly Game, Philadelphia will...

The Brotherly Game Q&A: Live At 12:45 PM, Ask Anything About The Union


The Brotherly Game is hosting a live question and answer session with its readers at 12:45 pm today (about an hour from now). Instead of utilizing Cover It Live's feed like in the past, we'll be...

Nowak Goes All In... And The Consequences That Come With It


A take on the Philadelphia Union's youth movement and the consequences that potentially come from it.

#tBGshirt And #tBGscarf: Updates, How To Buy And A Package Deal


The Brotherly Game is proud, and happy, to introduce its first ever scarf, designed by Kreider Designs (see above). Shaun Kreider, of Kreider Designs, and I have worked for months on putting...

The Aftermath: Has The Union's Free Kick Situation Improved? Yes And No


Perception is not always reality. Looking at tBG collected data on free kicks in 2011, the opinions on Sebastien Le Toux and Kyle Nakazawa may have to be changed. Also, who may step up for free...

The Case for Zac MacMath


MacMath has the potential to be one of the next young greats in the MLS. With Mondragon out, MacMath goes into 2012 as the Union's man in net.

MLS And Philadelphia Union Joint Announcement At City Hall Tuesday: Expect 2012 All Star Game News


As the Brotherly Game reported on Twitter Saturday night, it appears that Philadelphia will be the host of the 2012 MLS All Star Game.

The Brotherly Game Is A Soccer Ally: Supporting Gay4Soccer And Humanity


This whole situation culminates with campaigns to help soften the stigma of actions such as "coming out" publicly, which is what Gay4Soccer has begun through its "Soccer Allies" program. It's...

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