By The Numbers

10 Reasons The Union Offense Is Hottest in MLS


Through the Union’s first 11 matches they scored less than 1 goal per game. And over the course of their last 10 they are scoring more than anyone. What happened? Here are 10 reasons the Union have...

The Union should counterattack more: here's why


To possess or not to possess is the question for the Union this season. Here's a look at how their pass types inform a style of play and which style has been most effective.

FC Dallas 2-1 Union: Turnovers haunt the Union O


The Union reverted to their old ways in Dallas but still could have earned a draw. In the end the Union offense was punchless and sloppy and couldn't overcome a defensive lapse and some bad luck.

USA 2-2 Portugal: Postgame Analysis


The United States team gets their hero and zero award of the match and we break down how the team is navigating the group of death so far.

Union 3-3 Whitecaps: Union Defense Reaches New Low


The big picture analysis this week reveals a new franchise low for the Union defense. And we take a look inside the dominating possession performance by the Union against Vancouver.

Chivas USA 0-3 Union: Stat Hero of the Match


The Union have reversed fortune and now have 9 goals in their last 4 games. But are the goals coming from Hackworth's preferred style?

Part 2: Wheeler vs. Berry and the Rest of the D


Part 2 of a 2 part series looking at the Union defenders. The second part is a statistical look at the Union's individual defenders with a focus on the Wheeler vs. Berry matchup

Part 1: Wheeler vs. Berry - A Stat Intro


Part 1 of a 2 part series looking at the Union defenders. The first post examines individual defensive statistics and which ones matter the most.

Welcome to 1 in 100: Shooting Woes in Perspective


Since The Jack McInerney trade the Union have converted 3.8% of their shot attempts into goals. That's 30% worse than the worst MLS team last year. Things have to turn around, right? Right?

Stat Zero of the Match and Post-Jack Shooting


The Stat Zero of the match this week is thrown out to the crowd for judgement and we look at the Union shooting pre and post Jack. What would statisticians say about the fans' woes?

Stat Analysis Of The Union's 0-0 Draw To Houston


The tale of two halves was the statistical oddity in this dull affair. We give out the hero and zero awards and look at another disturbing trend haunting the Union.

2014 Union player salaries are released


Here is the first look at MLS player salaries in 2014. We break them down and look at how our off-season projections fared.

Free Kicks, Throw-ins and Corners, Oh My!


Three of the six goals allowed this year came from set pieces and that has the faithful grumbling about the Union's set piece defense. Here's a look to last year and this year to break down how the...

Union 1-1 Impact: Stat Zero of the Match


The fans and Union players got soaked and then walked away with heavy hearts, but the stats show an even result should have been expected. Here's the weekly look at the heroes and zeroes.

Crew 2-1 Union: Stat Zero of the Week


The weekly look at the big picture from a statistics perspective and the picks for hero and zero of the week.

Union 1-0 Revolution: Stat Hero of the Match


The weekly look inside the numbers and our award for the stat hero of the match. And the stat zero of the match reveals a potential issue in this very early season.

Portland v Philadelphia: Inside the Numbers


The post game look inside the numbers behind the game. The opening match was a dramatic affair. We pick a stat of the match, a stat hero and goat.

Predicting the Union's 2014 Points Total


To compliment the many preseason prognostications here is a purely mathematical projection. At the end we invite you to play with the model and make a nerdy projection yourself.

Are We Tactically Better Off Under Hackworth?


Are We Tactically Better Off Under Hackworth? In the first of a series, Pat The Professor from The Doop Cast looks to the stats for answers.

The science behind the shot and the $2.6M question


When a player takes a shot, their spot on the pitch is a huge influence on their likelihood to score. We examine this dynamic and look at the players who shoot really well. Ultimately we ask the...

Steel Cage Match: Castrol Index vs. The World


Player performance metrics are gaining popularity, but how good are they? We look at 3 such scores; the Castrol Index, WhoScored Ratings and Squawka Performance Score and determine who's the winner...

All hail strikers, but are wins in the trenches?


Ball possession in soccer is one of the oldest, most dependable descriptors of soccer dominance, but just how important is it to winning a soccer game? We dig in and examine how the Union performed...

Now breathe Union fans, how much money is left?


We're stoked about all the activity, but where does this leave the Union financially?

How much money do the Union have to spend?


How much money do the Union have to spend and how should they spend it?

Crowdsourcing the Philadelphia Union Financials


The MLS tends to be opaque on financial matters and it's hard to blame them. Most private companies don't release more financial information than required.

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