The MLS Super Draft comes to Philly. So while you're here...

The 2014 MLS Super Draft makes it's return to the City of Brotherly Love. So while you're in town, take your coat off and stay awhile. Check out some of my hide outs and favorite places to go get your Philly Phix.

First of all, allow me and the entire staff here at the Brotherly Game to extend you a warm welcome and a "Yo!" to the City of Philadelphia, the site of this years MLS Super Draft. Now if you're coming from out of town, or out of state, or even out of the country, you may want something to do or somewhere to go hang out for the week and hopefully the weekend. Philadelphia has many great places to eat, drink, play, and of course get your history on. So here is a list of places i think you will enjoy

Independence Hall. This is obviously the first place on the list. We're talking the birthplace of America here! And don"t even think about looking for the special glasses to find the secret treasure. Nicolas Cage already got them and he found the treasure.

The Liberty Bell. Want more history? No problem. The bell was cast in 1753. Oh, and you don't need a ticket to see it. Just show up.

The National Constitution Center. If you decide to stay for the weekend, this is well worth a Saturday visit.

The Franklin Institute. Have you ever seen the inside of a human heart up close? How about walking inside a human heart. You can do this here. (Editors note. It's not an actual human heart because it's impossible to walk inside a human heart. Not to mention it would be quite messy as well)

The Mutter Museum. Ah! The lovely Mutter. This is a museum not for the weak at heart (no pun intended) but if you do have a strong stomach and are into body parts, brains in jars and such, this is the place for you. After all it does have a giant oversize colon. Enjoy!

Now you're getting hungry and a bit thirsty. So how about some places to eat and wet the whistle.

Jim's Steaks. Ok, what's a trip to Philly without getting one of those famous cheesesteaks. Now if you ask any Philly native, they will tell you that their cheesesteak place is the best in the world. So the only reason I chose Jim's is because it's the only cheesesteak joint iv'e been to, and it's on South Street which is a pretty cool place to visit especially if you're a first timer to the city.

Mac's Tavern. For those of you who love the show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" you might want to stop in for a bite and a brew as Rob and Kaitlin McElhenney (Mac and Dee) are two of the owners. Don't expect to see them, however enjoy the photos. A great hangout.

Ortliebs JazzHaus Get your Jazz on in here. Highly recommended by our managing Editor, Murph. This is the place for good food and tunes.

Phillip's Steaks. If you head to South Philly for a cheesesteak, here's another great joint. I'm also told that "True" South Philadelphians get their cheesesteaks from here.

McGillin's Olde Ale House. Patrons have been chugging beers in here since 1860 which makes this place the oldest continuous operating bar in the entire city! And here is a another fun fact for all you soccer supporters. The Sons of Ben organized here in 2007 on Ben Franklin's birthday January 17th. Wait! That's this Friday! Happy Birthday you SOB"s!

City Tavern. It's on the National Historic Registry and owned by the Federal Government. It"s worth a visit.

NYPD Pizza Great toppings and piping hot pizza. It's all here.

Morning Glory Diner. How about a little breakfast. Writer John Rossi approves, and when you leave, so will you.

Chickie's and Pete's. According to ESPN, it's the number one sports bar on the East Coast. Order the Crab Fries.

Reading Terminal Market. This is without a doubt my favorite place to visit in the city. You name it, they probably have it. With several shops and eateries, and not to mention it's right next to the Pennsylvania Convention Center. It is truly a must visit.

How about some more places to visit. Getting tired yet. Hey, it's big city so let's go!

Eastern State Penitentiary. Once the most famous and expensive prison in the world. And Al Capone slept here.

Philadelphia Museum Of Art. Loaded with art. Over 227,000 objects awaiting your visit. And the Rocky Statue is located right outside. So g'head! Run up those steps like the Italian Stallion. Everyone does it at least once. And it's fun.

Please Touch Museum. Are you bringing the kids to the Draft? Why not stop here. Great family hands on fun.

Delaware River Waterfront. Now is you chance to cross off ice skating on your bucket list. Be careful.

Xfinity Live! Your one stop shop for all things sports and entertainment. Hop on the mechanical bull, or just grab a beer and soak in all of the Philly sports history.

Valley Forge. Just outside the city and totally worth a visit for any history buff. And it's January, so you'll somewhat experience what the Continental Army experienced during their time from 1777-1778.

Betsy Ross House. The creator or our Stars and Stripes. Do stop in.

Hang on a sec. I know what you're thinking. How am i going to get to all of these cool places? Public transportation is waiting for you right here.

Now if i were to list everything to see and do here in this great city, we would probably be somewhere near the 2043 MLS Super Draft. However if you need the ultimate list, head over to the Philly Tourism site.

Now if you're a local reading this, feel free to add some of your favorite places in the comments below to help out our guests.

And don't forget to stay with the Brotherly Game for continuing coverage of the 2014 MLS Super Draft. Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter.

I hope you find this article helpful. And with that, once again welcome to Philadelphia. Enjoy the Draft, and have a safe trip home.

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