Draft Needs and Strategy

I was pretty disappoint with the mock draft done by SBNation, or at least how the Union came out of it. Here is my take on what our biggest needs are and how the draft can help that.

Biggest Needs

To me the biggest need we have is to be able to pass the ball through the center of the field. Our midfield was awful at controlling the ball and build up play. It led to us playing lots of long balls or just playing wide and playing around them.

Drafting to Improve

I know the SuperDraft is a crapshoot. I know it is. And the way you win that is to pick the best players regardless of position. I support this strategy. BUT, I also know that we can build the center of our team while doing this.

This Draft

When you look over the pool of available players in this draft the number one thing you see is a TON of centerbacks. Just gobs of them. This is good for us in two ways. First, we are woefully thin at centerback, even if our starters are quality. And second, one of our starting centerbacks is a fantastic holding midfielder.


Building on this, I would take Christian Dean with our first pick provided he is available. After a slight rough first day at the combine I expect him to be. He may not be able to start from day one, but he can get there soon. He's 6'3", a great athlete, and left footed. He can develop into the anchor of our back line for a long time to come.

With out second first round pick I would take Pedro Ribeiro. I have no idea how this kid slipped to the 23rd pick in the mock draft. He's 6'4" and 200 pounds of skill in the center of the field. Think Roger Torres skill while being bigger than everyone else. He uses up an international slot, but it would be worth it.

In the second round I'd go for the best available centerback. That is the position that is saturated in this draft, and a first round quality player at that position will slip to the 25th pick. This lets us get the needed depth at that position so that we can push Okugo forward.

Our Team

If we pair Okugo and Ribeiro in the center of midfield we potentially take our weakness and turn it into a strength. We could switch between playing a 4-4-2 with a diamond midfield and Casey/McInerney up front and a 4-3-3 with Riveiro up top slightly behind McInerney/Le Toux and a 4-2-3-1 with Okugo/Carroll as the 2, McInerny/Ribeiro/Le Toux as the 3, and Casey up top. All those line ups are way more interesting than anything we played this past year.


Tell me why this is dumb. Who do you think we need? Another forward, really?

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