Poetry Corner Kicks: Sounders 2 - Union 2

Union goalie Zac MacMath makes a great diving save... from inside the goal. - USA TODAY Sports

Limericks somehow feel appropriate for a poetry recap of the Union's game against the Sounders.

One of the things I try to do with a poetry recap is to focus on one aspect of the game. Sure I’ll describe significant events from the match, but I also want to give the overall piece a flavor reminiscent of the game itself. But from the Union’s game against the Seattle Sounders this past weekend, which do you focus on - the poor officiating that had a hand in determining the game, or the plentiful goals? If you were an unbiased viewer, you might have thought that this was an entertaining game to watch. If you were a supporter of either team, you were probably pulling your hair out. As I had done once last season, I decided to go with limericks to represent both the entertaining aspect of the game and the somewhat farcical officiating that accompanied it.

In the end, the game was not so much decided by a really missed call in the box as it was by things like the Union’s shots hitting the post numerous times and having a goalie who saves shots from INSIDE the net. Oh well. On with the PCK recap ...

There once was a soccer official
Whose presence was not beneficial
For try though he may
His calls during play
Did not come across as judicial

But before all the calls and ejections
There was much that deserved introspection:
Who was it that scored?
Were the U moving toward
Their goal of a playoff projection?

Johnson would prove the first threat
As his goal caused the Union to sweat
And what made it worse
MacMath was reversed
And made the save INSIDE his net

The Union would then right the ship
And try to re-write this here script
But halftime would come
With the U rather glum
And the Sounders were up one to zip

But then came a thing unexpected
From a guy who was long undetected
Cruz tried to win it:
Two goals in a minute
And life in the U was injected

But then came the Sounders’ Rosales
Who felt for the U naught but malice
He was to blame
For tying the game
And silenced the U’s soccer palace

And now we can hear the ref’s whistle
Which impacts the game like a missile
Red cards were given
And none was forgiven
When tempers brought two quick dismissals

The rest of the game was made hard
By the ref reaching back for his cards
But then came the worst
The Union fans cursed:
For a hand-ball he showed no regard

With a no-call we can’t comprehend
Suspensions and injuries to mend
Each team gets a point
The ref disappoints
And that is how this game would end

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