Midfield And Defensive Turmoil Has Coaches Confused

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I personally don’t like mid-year signings. I think it disrupts team chemistry. Remember what happened when they signed Adu after Ruiz left. Not so much!

The Union sometimes get stars in their eyes when they have chance at a big name. I hope they give this guy a thorough medical exam before signing him. If Keita is signed he could take 10 weeks to be inserted into the lineup. It might be too late by then.

The Union could be at the bottom of the table by then. Somehow Hackworth has got to get his current best players on the field. The midfield is in disarray and the defense is a pulled hamstring away from collapse.

Let’s start at the midfield…

Keon is just awful and Cruz is one dimensional. I don’t see why some of the media and fans like Keon. He can’t pass. He does not see the filed well and has mediocre touch. He is just not great at developing the attack. What are his strengths?

At least Cruz has speed and won’t back down from anyone. If you could clone Cruz with Torres you would have a good player. But Cruz has very limited ball skills and passing ability. Torres is just too small and not quick enough to elude defenders. I still think the loss of Mapp really hurt this team.

It was very evident in the Montreal game. Granted Mapp has no defensive skills but he sees the field well, still has speed and quickness and can lay a pass or chip right onto Divaio or as he did so many times to Letoux. He was very underappreciated by many Union fans. Nowak was an idiot for not protecting him.

I still think Farfan is potentially a very good player. Didn’t he play in the MLS All Star game last year? And score a goal against Real Madrid two years ago? I don’t quite get why he is not getting more playing time. It’s the coach’s job to somehow work his most talented players into the lineup. It just does not add up. Is he the next to go? Maybe to Chivas with Gabe? To Toronto for Califf?

As for the defense, Williams is in a total fog and is going backwards. He lost Di Viao several times and even looked bad against OC.

Gaddis makes tons of mistakes and is on the wrong side of the field. Both get caught up field and leave the back open for attack. They would not need to if they had a better attacking midfield flank. Parke is okay, but he is aging. Hackworth had the opportunity to pick a true left back and passed. Big Mistake! He better get one next year.

By the way where is Don Anding, Hack?

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