Brotherly Game FIFA 2013 Xbox360 League: Start, Schedule, Rules, More

Douglas C. Pizac-USA Today Sports


  • This week (4/16-4/21) is the first week of games. Every week will consist of Monday to Saturday (example: 4/22-4/27). The schedule itself starts from day one of the real season.


  • The list of players for each league is on a Google Doc which can be found by clicking here.


  • Based upon the official 2013 Major League Soccer schedule. Whatever schedule your team plays in real life will be the one that you'll play in game as well.
  • Playoffs will be seeded as they would in real life, but based upon the results of the leagues online.
  • There won't be any US Open Cup or CONCACAF Champions League games.
  • See RULES for more information about how the schedule plays into the overall league.


  • All the information on League 1 and League 2 can be found by clicking here.
  • A potential expansion to League 3 is in the works, feel free to sign up for that if you're not already in another one of the leagues.


  • Must have an Xbox360, FIFA 2013 for the Xbox360, an internet connection, a Live account and the ability to play FIFA on Live, plus the time to be an active participant in this league. A Twitter account is not necessary, but it is suggested since all the players so far have one.
  • Add/accept all of your league's Live gamertags.
  • Must play at least one game per week. It is up to the players involved in each game to set up the time to play their opposing player. If a player fails to finish at least one game per week, that player will be kicked out of the league and the team will be filled in by a different player (TBD).
  • Each game will feature two total players in a 1v1 match up.
  • Every game will use the following settings, which will henceforth be known as as the league standard: six minute halves, random weather (essentially leaving the time of day and weather alone), world class, injuries and offside calls on - let me know if there's something I missed.
  • No custom rosters. Only the up to date rosters.
  • Yellow cards and injuries don't continue on, but red cards do count. A player receiving a straight red card or two yellow cards in a single game is ineligible for the following game.
  • A win is three points, a tie is one point and a loss garners no points. There will not be official - feel free to play on against your opponent if you like - extra time or penalty kick games until the playoffs. Here's the standings Google Doc (click here).
  • Goal differential is the first tie breaker and then goals scored and so on if there is a tie between any teams at the end of the season.
  • The playoffs will follow the same rules as MLS.
  • The bottom three teams in each league will relegate to a lower division, unless there is no lower division. The top three teams will move up to the higher division, unless there is no higher division. This is to reward players for playing well or to punish players for not performing, keeping the 'talent' levels continually strong in each league. It's not a comment on promotion or relegation in MLS or America.
  • The results will be recorded in an Excel spreadsheet through Google Docs. If at all possible, make sure to note who scored for you, who was man of the match (for both teams) and who the goalkeeper was for each team for award purposes. I'm hoping that it won't become too much of a hassle over the course of an entire season, because awards would be a cool addition to the overall atmosphere of the leagues.
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