Breaking News reports Carlos Valdes will return to the Philadelphia Union "next week"

Paid Their Dues: Porfirio Lopez Lifts Trophy

More like the FROsta Rican Apertura! - Mike DiNovo-US PRESSWIRE

Captain Porfirio's receiving all the praise following his club's win in the Final of the Costa Rican Apertura.

Porfirio Lopez captained Alajuelense to the victory in the Costa Rican Apertura Final on Sunday. The final failed to produce any goals after 210 minutes of play, but LDA came away with the victory after defeating David Myrie and Herediano 5-3 in penalty kicks. Alajuelense have now qualified for the 2014-14 CONCACAF Champions' League. The consensus is that Porfirio was the player of the tournament, and he can be seen lifting the trophy here. Lopez's contract is up at the end of the year, so it will be interesting to see where he ends up. Alajuelense are trying to resign him, but if he opts to leave, it won't be hard for the rock of the best defense in Costa Rica to find work.

Kai Herdling played the last 30 minutes of Hoffenheim's 1-0 loss to Eintracht Braunschweig, and picked up a yellow card in the 78th minute. Halfway through the season, considers Herdling to be the club's 12th best player, placing him above Sven Schipplock and Fabian Johnson, the two guys that have been competing with Herdling for minutes.

Joe Tait wasn't on the bench for Gateshead's 4-2 defeat to second place Luton Town. The Heed are now in tenth place.

MLS has finally confirmed Michael Farfan's transfer to Cruz Azul after days of leaving everyone in the dark.. He is one of two former Union players now playing in Liga MX, joining Michael Orozco.

Our friends over at The Goat Parade have reflected on Gabriel Farfan's season.

Lionard Pajoy was just released from DCU, but he may find a new club soon. Reportedly both Santa Fe, Carlos Valdes's former (and possibly future) club, and La Equidad are interested in him.

Carlos Ruiz, who was also released by DCU, is said to be returning to Guatemala. It's rumored that Municipal, the club that he started his career with, is considering bringing him home.

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