Hey! Don't We Get New Jerseys?

Jeff Zelevansky

Something I've always enjoyed in soccer, regardless of the league, is the jerseys. The patterns, the styles, the color scheme, and even in some cases the history of the jersey. Now as I have come to understand it we are due for a new primary and secondary jersey in the 2014 MLS Season. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I may try to refute your correction, but still try.

So in the anticipation of the new season there are many questions that we can't really answer. Are we finally going to get a Number 10? Is our midfield going to look like an actual midfield? Is Keon Daniel still here? A Left back!?! I can't answer any of those and we probably won't get answers for a while or even remotely speculate those things. One thing we can speculate is the new jersey. We can create our own designs and share them, even critique and edit others. We're a creative bunch of people, so why not have a little fun as we dwell over a horrible ending to what seemed to be a very promising season? Exactly my thoughts!

The previous Union jerseys haven't really strayed far from the original version. Big bulky, not quite Ajax stripe down the middle. Thank the heavens we got rid of those gold ones. The acquisition of the BIMBO sponsor ruined the original Navy primary jerseys we had in the inaugural season, but it did allow, for those of us who can remove themselves from the meaning of the word in English slang, for some extra creativity in the design. 2012 and 2013 were fine thanks to a touch up of our primary kit and the introduction of a secondary kit that highlighted what I considered to be our third color. I have one, it looks a little silly with the same color shorts, but its a good looking top compared to the nightmare inducing gold kits we had in 2010 and 2011 (Remember these?).

So I'm looking forward to changing the scene a little bit here. Contrary from a call back to our Bethlehem roots with our third kits last season, I'm looking to remove any memory of our previous kits by changing the style completely. We're finally rid of our Nowak mess and we're building up to a serious play off contender if the pieces are right. We need a different look. Now, I'm not clothing designer or even remotely an artist, so I did it on MS Paint with a jersey template that I found and modified styles that caught my eye in recent years.

Please click on the link to see my jersey design!

From what I could see a solid color behind the BIMBO sponsor made the jersey look much better. Having the stripe down the middle punctuated its place on the jersey rather than had it blend in. I absolutely loved the 2nd and 3rd kits that Everton came out with this season, especially the third. I looked to adopt that with the primary jersey, a little extra accents on the shoulders that are trademark of any Adidas jersey as well as on the sleeves. I preferred the sponsor to be below the white stripe across the chest as opposed making the stripe bigger and placing the sponsor in it. I wanted to avoid going Chicago Fire on everyone (Although I could've put the little BIMBO bear inside where they have their adorable Quaker man, on second thought that is far too creepy). The back will follow the same style as the front looks, I didn't design the back and shame on me for it!

For the Secondary kit I've done something that I can only equate to African teams in the 2010 World Cup. The difference is the cut off of the striped side with a similar line across the chest. Its a little different, far more of a stretch than the primary, but as is the job of a secondary kit in my opinion. Keeping the bottom of the torso a solid white does 2 things Union jerseys have lacked. First, it allows the sponsor its own space to blend in with the jersey, and second it gives the Union a white jersey! I think this has been missed in the Union franchise. A jersey with white as the main color just seems to fit in sports, at least in the US, and deep down I think the lack of that for the Union really took away from their kit selection. The previous white third kit was very bland and really looked like a practice jersey. This has bit of character to it and establishes it as a jersey and not something that the team warms up in before games. The back of this jersey looks like a solid white to me, no need to include the front design on the back, it wouldn't fit.

So there's that. I didn't do the backs, the shorts, or the socks (I know I'm terrible). Regardless, tell me what you think! Can you do better? Do it! Any suggestions? I'd love to hear them.

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