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Year in review: Amobi Okugo


Amobi Okugo put in a workmanlike 2013 season. He was a rock in the back, chipped in a few goals, and even filled in at center mid in the season finale. The sky is the limit, but there are still questions of where he will line up on the field next season.

Amobi Okugo
Center Back


Minutes Played: 2,879
Appearances: 32
Games Started: 32
Goals: 3
Assists: 3
Shots: 25
Shots on Goal: 6
Fouls Committed: 36
Yellow Cards: 6
Red Cards: 1

Performance Evaluation: It's tough to believe that at the beginning of the 2012 season, this guy could barely make the game day 18 man roster. Okugo has been able to mix the poise of a central midfielder, with a true comfort on the ball in tight spaces, and the vision and knack for being in the right place at the right time of a great center back into a truly special player in this league. His partnership with Jeff Parke bloomed into one of the top partnerships in the East. It was a definite asset to the team to have a rock solid center back partnership throughout the season.

In 2013 Okugo put up career highs in all statistical categories, which is only fitting for being a full-time starter for the first time. His 32 games played and started led to 2879 minutes, a full 5 starts and 649 minutes more than his 2012 totals. Nine more shots than last year (2 more shots on goal than his previous most in 2011) lead to his first career goal early in the season and a total of 3 on the year. He equaled his goal output in assists with his fist multi-assist year. While it is not admirable, he also put up career highs in fouls committed, offsides, yellow cards and his first career red card.

What to Expect Next Year: Okugo is yet another player who has their 2014 expectations hanging in the hands of John Hackworth. He is capable of playing either center back or central defensive midfielder, and the position that he plays next year will make a huge difference in the long term direction of his career. He has the talent to succeed in either position, but there has been this cloud looming over his prospects at center back. The question lingers of "How well would he do in the midfield?" If he is moved to midfield he will be an asset to the Union, and if he continues his tenure at center back he will continue to grow. The sky is the limit for Okugo.

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