Poetry Corner Kicks: D.C. United 1 - Union 1

WASHINGTON, DC - AUGUST 19: Sheanon Williams #25 of Philadelphia Union is pushed by Bill Hamid #28 of DC United during the second half at RFK Stadium on August 19, 2012 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Let's say this from the start: referees are only human. Unfortunately, some are more human than others. I hadn’t seen this much yellow and red since my toddler poured ketchup and mustard all over our floor. I was going to title this article something snarky with the words "Geiger Counter" in it, but decided that the officiating mistakes made in this game, while unfortunate and troublesome, didn’t warrant a comparison with something as serious as a radiation detection device.

To picture just how much happened in the last bit of this game, check out the highlight package on MLSsoccer.com The video is nine minutes and 11 seconds long, and the foul that led to the PK (which occurred in the 86th minute) happens at 4:20. This means that almost 5 minutes of highlight reel is spent on the last ten minutes of the game. Oh well. On with the poetry corner kicks recap...

Once upon a weekend time
In the land between the lines
Was a game of soccer played
Till the watch struck eighty-nine

Goals would stand as mere footnotes
To decide the game's result
But the cards stood out the most
Adding pain to more insult

The big story going in
Was the swap of 'joy and Cruz
Both against their former teams
Where their egos had been bruised

Carroll scored the game's first goal
After many bumps and "boings"
Karma then attacked the U:
'kugo's Own Goal to the groin

This would be the final score
But before the game was through
Whistle-blowing from the ref
Caused a lot of ballyhoo

Now the focus was one man
Reffing like a Bengal Tiger
Just returned from London's rings
With a name we know as Geiger

Pointing to the PK spot
For the team of Red and Black
Soon they got a bit antsy
So the goal was then called back

After cards of many colors
DeRo tried to kick once more
But he sent his shot sky high
O'er the bar we watched it soar

Overshadowed by the ref:
Many saves by Zac MacMath
Stoning Pajoy and DeRo
Many that came in his path

But the story was the cards
'Nough to kill a giant tree
All we got was just a point
'Gainst our rivals from D.C.

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