Breaking News reports Carlos Valdes will return to the Philadelphia Union "next week"


Game 10 Thoughts

Just my typical list of random thoughts and observations about the game Saturday. I love discussion, so by all means - if you disagree with something, please jump in and tell me why I'm wrong.

  • I thought Harrison did just fine. I'd obviously rather have MacMath in goal, but Harrison proved effective enough.
  • Speaking of Harrison, can anybody explain to me why Jacobson didn't get at least a talking-to from the ref after he body checked Harrison in stoppage time? I thought it was card worthy, but at the very least, shouldn't the ref have said something to him?
  • Dude took a beating Saturday night. Dallas's game plan clearly seemed to be to make as much contact with him as possible, likely to try and rattle him. Big props to Harrison for finshing the game out on what looked to be a sprained ankle.
  • And speaking of things that looked deliberate and/or dangerous... Did anybody else think Hartman whacked Gomez on purpose? Sure looked like the shot was well off by the time Hartman got out there and kicked Gomez in the thigh.
  • The offense looked absolutely dead until Josue Martinez came in. Maybe it's a coincidence that everything improved once Martinez came on, but at this point I think he needs to start.
  • I really wish Okugo would have connected solidly on that one play. As it was, Martinez almost turned it into a spectacular goal. But really, that's Okugo's ball to bury.
  • There was a moment late in the game where Mwanga had the ball at the top of the box, facing the goal, and decided to lay it off to the right. I really want him to take that shot. Rigby commented on it too.
  • I love Williams. But I'm done with this whole experiment of him playing CB. I'm OK with Fropez playing CB - he looked fine there both in the Schalke friendly and the end of Dallas. If the coaching staff still isn't comfortable with that, then slide Okugo back there. And yes, I understand that this will force either Garfan/Marfan or Gaddis to the bench. I'm willing to live with that - though I hope Gaddis is the one that stays on to play left back.
  • I thought Keon Daniel played more aggresisve than usual. I liked it - I love his ball control and footwork in tight spaces, and if he's going to keep playing aggressive then it's a big benefit. Just, you know, somebody please teach him how to stay with his mark on corner kicks...
  • Pajoy was invisible the 1st half, even though Mwanga was playing that center forward role. The second half was a different story - creative, sick footwork a couple times, pairing up with Gaddis on a few runs. I still can't figure him out.
  • Lahoud didn't impress me very much. That's OK - he had exactly one training session with the team, and was probably dealing with jet lag since he flew from CA to Philly, then Philly to Dallas.
  • I don't understand the card given to Valdes. Can anybody explain why that was card worthy? (And if the answer is, "The ref was terrible" I'll accept that.) I sort of assumed that he'd be allowed to stand his ground on a play like that, and if anybody would get a card, it would be the offensive player who ran him over.
  • The Toronto match scares the hell out of me!

So, there's my thoughts (and some questions). As I said, by all means jump in and correct me if I'm wrong on something. I love good discussions, and I'm always looking to learn more about this game.

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