The Brotherly Game's Projected 2012 Philadelphia Union Salary Cap

March 1 was MLS's 2012 Roster Compliance day, meaning that every team in the league had to be salary compliant - and still has to be - for the new season.

The Union have had plenty of cap room to work with in their first two seasons, but this year is significantly different. Based upon projections by the Brotherly Game, Philadelphia will have around $100,000 to spend in excess cap and two roster spots to use it for, if the team chooses to add more players.

How these projections were made:

  • Using past contracts the Union have had with foreign and domestic players.
  • Conferring with other Union reporters or outlets for consultation on numbers
  • Comparing the rising Generation Adidas and Home Grown Player contract salaries against one another.
  • Utilizing information about salaries provided by a league source in the past year.

Name Base Salary ($) Guaranteed Compensation ($) Salary Cap Hit (2012) $2810000 Status Senior/Supplemental
Freddy Adu 499678.2 624628.2 350000 (DP*) Senior
Chris Albright 75000 75000 75000 Senior
Danny Califf 250000 250000 250000 Senior
Brian Carroll 160000 160000 160000 Senior
Keon Daniel 44100 48730.5 46500 (INT) Senior
Gabriel Farfan 44100 44100 44100 Senior
Michael Farfan 44100 83475 75000 Senior
Raymon Gaddis 44100 70000 65000 Senior
Gabriel Gomez 250000 250000 250000 (INT) Senior
Chase Harrison 44100 44100 44100 Senior
Cristhian Hernandez 57500 57500 0 (HGP) (INT) Supplemental
Chandler Hoffman 52500 120000 0 (GA) Supplemental
Antoine Hoppenot 33750 33750 0 Supplemental
Greg Jordan 44100 75000 67500 Senior
Chris Konopka 44100 44100 44100 Senior
Porfirio Lopez 135000 135000 135000 (INT) Senior
Zac MacMath 70000 145000 0 (GA) Supplemental
Josue Martinez 150000 150000 150000 (INT) Senior
Jack McInerney 85000 170000 0 (GA) Supplemental
Jimmy McLaughlin 50000 60000 0 (HGP) Supplemental
Danny Mwanga 150000 270000 260000 Senior
Amobi Okugo 90000 185000 0 (GA) Supplemental
Lionard Pajoy 200000 200000 200000 (INT) Senior
Zach Pfeffer 57500 67500 0 (HGP) Supplemental
Roger Torres 150000 165000 165000 (INT) Senior
Carlos Valdes 180000 180000 180000 (INT) Senior
Sheanon Williams 150000 150000 150000 Senior
Krystian Witkowski 33750 33750 0 Supplemental

3188378.2 3891633.7 2711300

What do you think about these projections? Do you think that the Union will use the free cap space to add another player this year?

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