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Sebastien Le Toux: How Much Longer Should He Get?

[Editor's Note: The question that has been proposed multiple times by the fanbase. Nice little fanpost.]

Recently a lot of people on here have been talking about Sebastien Le Toux, about how bad his touch is and how he just does not look the same as last year - especially after last night's game. I have tried to defend Nowak's decision on sending Le Toux out there for most of the season to some of my friends, but it has become a little more difficult lately.

We all know he is working the hardest out of everyone out there, so all of this is not for lack of effort. He just does not look the same as he did last year. Early on I attributed it a little to having a new player in Carlos Ruiz beside him, as well as him coming off an injury. I even went a little farther to throw some blame at Ruiz for not making good runs to create some open space for Le Toux. In the Toronto game, that looked to be true when Danny Mwanga started with him, but then last game it all seemed to unravel again.

Last night I saw Le Toux push the ball away from his body to the point that he could not reach it before a defender closed in on him. In particular, the great pass he received from Jack McInerney that he pushed so far away that Matt Pickens beat him to the ball. He easily could have made it much more difficult for the keeper then it ended up being.
I have seen that happen much more often over the course of this season and I just want to know how all of you feel about the next game.

Should Le Toux start? Should he sit in favor of McInerney and Mwanga for a younger fresh look, should we wait for Ruiz to return? Or should we just give him one more game before we decide?

I voted for at least one more game. He looked good against Toronto FC except for the horrible giveaway that ended up being a goal. Then again that was Toronto and everybody looked good, but I still think one more game is enough before you decide to bench him for a game even if it is to just cool him off. He is not a bad player, but maybe a little change will be needed just to get him thinking.

This also made me ask another question, because Le Toux did so good in Toronto with Mwanga up front, but against the Colorado Rapids he had McInerney. Was it a coincidence that we scored as soon as Mwanga jumped onto the pitch? Does Mwanga help make Le Toux a better player? It's all for you to decide. Personally, I feel that could be true, but the sample size is far too small for this season to determine that question.

If you could give a reason for why you chose your answer it will be helpful. I just want to get a sense on how everybody is feeling so far this year with him up top.

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