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Wells Fargo Center And Flyers Meet The Sons Of Ben: Part 1

The Sons of Ben at the Flyers game, in section 217 of the Wells Fargo Center. (Courtesy of Matt P of The 700 Level)

@scottdkessler @brotherlygame security just asked the @SonsofBen to be LOUDER!


With the Philadelphia Flyers facing off against the Phoenix Coyotes, the Wells Fargo Center welcomed another organization  to the building: the Sons of Ben.

Tonight marks the Sons of Ben's Flyers Night. From pictures, it appears that there are about 40 Sons of Ben in section 217 of the WFC. The turnout has produced one of the louder nights from the upper deck at the Wells Fargo Center, according to the massive number of Tweets about the Sons of Ben from Twitter.

For those unfamiliar with the Sons of Ben, the organization is the official supporters group of the Philadelphia Union. It helped to bring the Union, and MLS, to Philadelphia. The group sports thousands of members amongst its ranks and is vocal at anything that involves the Union.

This part of the Sons of Ben at the WFC will focus on what you've heard at the game tonight.

PHILADELPHIA is one song, which was done during the first period of the game, according to reports from Twitter. Another would be Ohhhhhh-[insert name of player here] (to the tune of Seven Nations Army). It's a generic chant that is done by most supporter groups in the United States. Any songs that involve Philadelphia are easily modified for use at a Flyers, or any other Philly sports game, such as Philadelphia Dale O. Others are equally as easily changed to suit the Flyers, including UNION!, Phi-nadaloo, Union (Battle of Jericho) and Stickin' To The Union.

Of course DOOP, the song that the Sons of Ben sing in full force after goals are scored by the team, will be the (hopefully) most heard song of the night. 

In Part 2 I'll talk about the reaction to the Sons of Ben and why it shows poor face by the supposed faithful of Philadelphia, in many ways. I typically will defend the fans of this wonderful city but some of the comments by those same fans are off base and incompatible with current day thinking.

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