Contract Dispute Keeping Jorge Perlaza From Leaving Colombia, Joining The Philadelphia Union (Or Anywhere Else)

Jorge Perlaza celebrates a goal for Deportes Tolima. (Courtesy of

Colombian international striker Jorge Perlaza seems to have gotten himself into quite a contractual mess.

The 25-year-old Perlaza is in the midst of a battle with his current club, Deportes Tolima in the Colombian top league (Copa Mustang). According to reports out of the Colombian media, Perlaza entered into two contracts at the same time with Tolima. His original contract was due to run out on December 31, 2010 (same date as Faryd Mondragon's contract with 1. FC Koln ran out) but he signed another contract during his original contract, one that runs out in 2013.

The Colombian media is reporting that Perlaza will ask the Colombian FA to void the new contract on the basis that a player cannot enter into two contracts at once. But the team still has the ability to call for a hearing on the matter if it was to lose to Perlaza on the voiding of the contract. reports that the team's president is still hopeful Perlaza will see out his contract with the team:

Perlaza alleges that his contract expired on Dec. 31, while Camargo says he still has a long way to fulfill [his] contractual obligation to the team Pijao.

However, the president has repeatedly [stated he] expects to have a conversation and reach an agreement, but the player has not appeared [at the club]

On the other hand, is reporting that it is still possible for Perlaza to come to MLS with the help of some "entrepreneurs":

A source says some entrepreneurs would manage to [bring] Jorge Perlaza to 'Major League Soccer' U.S..

As of now, Perlaza's future is up in the air per the FA's decision.

Perlaza has been linked with the Philadelphia Union since the early part of January. The team is youthful at its forward positions, with its most veteran forwards (excluding attacking midfielder Sebastien Le Toux) are heading into their second seasons in the MLS and the team has rumors swirling around it about acquiring a veteran forward.

Union scouting director Diego Gutierrez has moved the team's scouting focus to South America and has successfully brought in two Colombian players during his time with the club (Mondragon and Carlos Valdes), which is why the Union most likely are looking at Perlaza. Gutierrez also discovered Roger Torres for the Union - while on vacation last summer - and may have had a hand in the Union's signing of defender Juan Diego Gonzalez Alzate.

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