Breaking News reports Carlos Valdes will return to the Philadelphia Union "next week"

Saturday Morning Union Freekicks: Hello 2011

Happy New Year from the Philadelphia Union! Okay, so this picture is from October 16. It still looks cool and fits the mood, no?

Happy New Year everybody!  Thank you to everyone who has read The Brotherly Game in this past year and everyone who commented at some point or another.  Thank you to the other writers for producing such great content.  Thank you to the people who read and comment on a daily basis.  Thank you for making that one comment in that one thread.  Every contribution, no matter how big or small it may seem, is a step in the right direction of making this a high quality Philadelphia Union blog.  Here's to a great 2011 and more good times!

Join the discussion below!

Despite Economy, San Jose Still Hoping For A New Stadium in 2012 [] - San Jose Earthquakes club president David Kaval believes a new 15,000 seat stadium in San Jose  is a realistic expectation for 2012.  Is there a way we get this stadium built and opened tomorrow?

Countdown of Top 25 Stories of 2010: #3-#1 [] - Collective Bargaining Agreement, Henry and Marquez in New York, USMNT in the World Cup

The Year's Top Stories #1:  Philadelphia Union Debut [Philly Soccer News] In related news, the sun rose in the East this morning.

Aston Villa:  Time To Close The Door On 2010. And Then Lock It, Bolt It, And Magically Seal It [7500 To Holte] - Kirsten at 7500 To Holte has a list of things from 2010 she wants to burn.  Here's that list.

John Obi Mikel Out For A Month With Damaged Knee Ligaments [We Ain't Got No History] - You know I've got to include a WAG link in here.  Also, someone please tell Carlo Ancelotti that Josh McEachran is healthy.

Can We Play With Ten Men Every Week? [Cartilage Free Captain] - Tottenham Hotspur has had great success recently when they've only had 10 men on the field.

The First And Last Annual 2010 Eighty Six Forever Speed Awards [Eighty Six Forever] - Recognizing Canadian soccer's best in 2010.

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